TECHNICS SU-V505 Speaker terminal


TECHNICS SU-V505 Speaker terminal

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High-quality speaker terminal as a spare part for TECHNICS SU-V505

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High-quality speaker terminal as a spare part for TECHNICS SU-V505

8 high-quality terminals, which are electrically decoupled from one another and mounted on a very solid plate.

Fit perfectly as a replacement for the original plastic clamps. This means you can connect much thicker cables and 4 mm banana plugs and standard spades.

Simple installation – no mechanical adjustments necessary. Instructions and fixing screws are included.

1 review for TECHNICS SU-V505 Speaker terminal

  1. Emlyn Rowland Thomas

    Hi, these are quality items, solid backplate and terminals and aligns well with amp rear panel and fit securely with the 4 screws. BUT….Not really ‘simple’ installation. Requires removal of cover and rear panel, then desoldering the existing block from the main circuit board of the amplifier. To install the new wires you need to enlarge the holes in the circuit board with a dril (carefully!!) and then through solder the new wires in place on the main circuit board.
    Unfortunately no instructions were included and unfortunately e-mail requests for same went unanswered.
    A quality product, but NOT an ‘easy’ fit. You need to be pretty adept at desoldering and through soldering of components on a circuit board.

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