10 x RCA for Revox audio devices


10 x RCA for Revox audio devices

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10 high quality RCA replacement connectors for Revox A76 A77 A78 A740 B740 B750 B710 B760 B77

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This 2 mm thick glass fiber reinforced circuit board are coated with black solder mask to achieve an even more beautiful look. Each board is equipped with two gold-plated cinch (RCA) connectors, which have been extended from 11.0 mm to 13.5 mm. The extension to 13.5 mm is the maximum possible distance that you can use if you do not want to make any mechanical adjustments on your device. You only have to remove the old connectors. Our spare plates fit 1: 1 into your device.



10 x printed circuit board with two pre-assembled gold-plated RCA connectors

40 x Phillips screws, washers and nuts


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